F212’s   Fabulous   Facelift!

Newly refurbished, F212 Steam boasts Vancouver’s largest and sexiest hot tub, a fully equipped gym, darkrooms and dungeon areas, wet steam room, repainted AC rooms with or without TV’s, public video rooms for open play, cruiser showers,  coffee bar,  free Wi-Fi, and computer access. We offer the cleanest, most modern facilities for members to relax, socialize, work out, and PLAY. We have added a number of new features, like our new vape/smoke room, BDSM rooms, erotic furnishings, and more that you can view in the slideshow below!

  • Naked asian Man with Cellphone
    Yes! Free WiFi!
  • Washroom
    Newly renovated!
  • Vaping Room
    New Smoke or Vape Room!
  • BDSM
    Spreadeagle like the X-Men for sexual teasing or bondage!
  • bondage
    BDSM anyone?
  • Fantasy Sling
    Let your imagination run wild as you fulfill your sexual desires!
  • Cool Flooring
    Check out the new flooring!
  • Locker Room talk
    Newly modernized neon locker rooms!
  • Large TV Rooms
    Large TV Rooms come with large TV and remote.
  • Come get some
    Come and try it out!