Our friendly staff will gladly try to meet your requests for your favorite room or to try many of our updated and repainted rooms. Some of our more popular Rainbow Rooms are noted in the slideshows below. Inquire at for long term weekend room rentals starting this Spring 2024.

  • Sexy Mexican fantasies
    Rainbow Room fantasy
  • Monet's Lilacs
    Stroke me, touch me, explore each passionate sensation!
  • Mellow Yellow Room
    Yellow Room fun!
  • The Bedroom
    Savor each sensation in Van Gogh's The Bedroom!
  • Mellow Yellow
    Van Gogh repainted The Yellow House!
  • Blue Room Fantasies
    Sexy Man in Blue Room
  • Blue Rooms
    Picasso Blue Room to stroke and caress your every desire!
  • Love Hotel
    Discover secrets like the nude that's really a bearded man!
  • Hot men in hot rooms
    Green Room Envy!
  • Love Hotel Room
    Newly renovated Matisse inspired green rooms to entertain you!
  • Entertaining Room
    Let your night unfurl its splendor!
  • Cherry Red Rooms
    Let your fantasies unwind in our Matisse Red Studio rooms!
  • Red Studio
    Heighten each sensation in your own Red Studio room!
  • Ruby Red Room
    Red hot and ready for action!
  • Sexy Red Love Hotel Rooms
    Pop your cherry in style with our extra large red room!
  • Ruby Red Room
    Extra large and ravishingly red to satisfy your every desire!
  • Ruby Red Room
    Explore your red hot fantasies in our Marvel inspired red room!